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Ensembles of various instrumentation up to eight musicians are available.  Click photos to enlargeFees are based on the number of musicians, time required, and the distance traveled.

              String Quartet:              Duets               
              String Trio                    Solos                 .

                                  String Quartet   (2 violins, viola & cello
Quartet at Jungle House
The string quartet is the most popular ensemble.  A string quartet provides the fullest sound and is favored by most major compsers.  It is elegant and allows for comfortable background.   

There is also an incredible repertoire available.  A quartet  is an ideal choice for weddings or reception. 
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o                                          String Trios
           String trio
A string trio is often used for small intimate settings.  The addition of a lower string instrument to a duet makes a rich sound. 

Trios are often choose a trio as it is less expensive than a full string quartet.  Most of our arrangements work well as a trio.  

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o                                        Duets (usually 2 violins)
    Violin Duet at Oak Creek in Sedona
A string duet is an elegant addition to any occasion.  We can provide you with any combination of string instruments.  The most requested duet is two violins.  Many of our arrangements are written for larger ensembles.  The two violin parts the inner harmonies and moving parts often not found in the lower strings. 

There is also a large repertoire of standard duets written specifically for two violins.
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    Violin and Cello Duet                          Violin and Viola Duet

o                                                Soloists:

All of our musicians perform as soloists.  We recommend a violin as your choice for a solo string instrument as there is much more music to choose from.  Pianists and Organists are also a nice choice and have an incredible repertoire available. 
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Live music for events at:
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